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That’s Why I am Handsome!

Attempting to get you to smile………………………..


A girl wanted to tease her boy friend gently and asked him smilingly, “Dear, would you let me know why are you so handsome?”

The boy could see through her intention and looked at her from bottom to top innocently and asked her respectfully to answer his simple question, so that he could answer her properly.

And, then he asked her “How have you been so beautiful?”

The girl felt teased on being asked so. She made up her mind to baffle him and answered, “I am so beautiful because I eat stale, overcooked food twice a day. I take milk when it turns sour and relish fruit when it smells bad.”

Then, the boy answered excitedly, “That is why I am handsome!”

The girl said, “What? You mean you also take such and such food?”

The boy said plainly, “No, of course not! I never take that, like you. So, I am handsome. If I took that way, I would have been beautiful like you, not handsome!”



Hi everybody!

Just breaking a long silence.

I am hopeful you, my blogger friends, my well wishers, always wished and wish me to keep doing something and sharing with you. Today I am here with a HAIKU with some new taste or rather a new experiment with HAIKU. It is acronymic. So, what about calling it an Acronymic Haiku?


“It means I Laud U.”
‘No! I Love U!’ “What?! GET LOST!!!”
‘Oh, no!!!!! I Lost U!’

Hello, it is ME!

I may appear in front of you

But, for sure you won’t look at me, for you can’t see me.


I can sing my heart right into your ear.

Yet, you won’t listen to me, for you can’t hear me.


I may be resting against your throbbing heart.

Yet, you won’t feel me even there, for you don’t think about me.



It is me!

Just in front of you but you can’t see me, yet you can try to look at me!


It is me!

Just whispering into your ear but you can’t hear me, yet you can try to listen to me!


It is me!

Just next to your heart but you don’t think about me, yet you can try to feel me!



This attempt of mine on the frame below is something once rippled  away from some unknown corner of my heart about four months ago. And, I am introducing it as a blog post so that you may have a look at it and let me know what exactly it is like to you.


I thought I was so brave, so bold, and so bold!
could I easily face;and,
in my heart, the oceans of pains and pangs I could smilingly hold!

But, in fact,
what I felt and found
my brave, bold heart started aching mildly!
some words had pierced into it unknowingly!
I didn’t take it otherwise,
Cos my wise mind had already assured me sympathetically!


This morning, I got up with unbearable pains in my left chest!
What I witnessed was
my mouth was agape, wordless and speechless;
my eyes were shedding the NILE
my mind,
all shocked, so still and totally thoughtless;
My soul appeared sobbing before me, and
let me know that
my heart had been irreparably wounded
by the piercing words that had pricked into it the day before;
and now,
my dear heart is losing courage, seems to be tending to be in eternal rest!!

Good heavens! Of late I’ve realized how tender is my heart!
Good gracious! Got shattered, oh, my lovely poor heart!!