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That’s Why I am Handsome!

Attempting to get you to smile………………………..


A girl wanted to tease her boy friend gently and asked him smilingly, “Dear, would you let me know why are you so handsome?”

The boy could see through her intention and looked at her from bottom to top innocently and asked her respectfully to answer his simple question, so that he could answer her properly.

And, then he asked her “How have you been so beautiful?”

The girl felt teased on being asked so. She made up her mind to baffle him and answered, “I am so beautiful because I eat stale, overcooked food twice a day. I take milk when it turns sour and relish fruit when it smells bad.”

Then, the boy answered excitedly, “That is why I am handsome!”

The girl said, “What? You mean you also take such and such food?”

The boy said plainly, “No, of course not! I never take that, like you. So, I am handsome. If I took that way, I would have been beautiful like you, not handsome!”


Hello, it is ME!

I may appear in front of you

But, for sure you won’t look at me, for you can’t see me.


I can sing my heart right into your ear.

Yet, you won’t listen to me, for you can’t hear me.


I may be resting against your throbbing heart.

Yet, you won’t feel me even there, for you don’t think about me.



It is me!

Just in front of you but you can’t see me, yet you can try to look at me!


It is me!

Just whispering into your ear but you can’t hear me, yet you can try to listen to me!


It is me!

Just next to your heart but you don’t think about me, yet you can try to feel me!


Hi, hmmm…No! Not ‘Hi’, but ‘Hello’…Hello friend…no- no… FRIENDS!

Hello friends!

I am dead sure you are exhausted, tired, sick of being served with HAIKU after HAIKU, moreover of the same taste in an impatient-making CHAIN on destruction and only destruction. I realized long ago you wanna change, but my going single-minded proved me a great pauper, lacking newness. So, giving a break to the lethargic HAIKU-CHAIN, and inserting something, but….  What? Just something, some words of my personal feelings on friends and friendship. Wanna go ahead? 🙂

Let, let me first ask you about you?

Hello! How are the days rolling ahead?

Hope you are all so fine. Would you like to know about me? Yeah?

Me…  Just so-so!  🙂  Just as you left me after the last “Hello, Hi”.

Well, some change has of course occurred, but, but I can’t understand how I could exactly express how exactly I am now! The exactness has gone unreachable to my words or I have been unable to manage the words.

Yeah! The words, they are unmanageable at times, untypical they turn, so confusing! Confused whether they are teaching me something new or mocking!!

Unable to select, to make a right choice for….. .

Anyway, it doesn’t matter and nor does it pain so much as when feelings fail us.

It is not words that govern us but feelings, intense ones, which have always made us feel empty of words. Some things, no-no, MANY MORE things! They get entrapped with their originalities!! Words… too helpless to help us…going random, cos there fails the governance of mind overshadowed by the emotions, the feelings, SHAPELESS or of COUNTLESS SHAPES changing instantly, welling UP and UP, out of heart spilling in all the directions, uncontrollably just as jubilant school kids running wild out of the school compound, the tiring imprisonment in discipline, rules and regulations. So, there occur some natural slips and skids with words. Thoughts get derailed, injuring the hearts! Anyway, in some corner of the heart, the friend’s heart, there feels some warmth,..  some flickering lamp of hope,…. some light at the end of tunnel…. I still feel…..

Friendship!….  Yeah, in the beginning it feels quite new, a new comer in search of some comfort in a rowdy place of celebration,…. in a hub of new faces. Later on, the acquaintance grows wider and deeper, and the feelings of care and concern are naturally shared, cos they surface spontaneously. That is the way friendship, as it grows older, gets linked with closeness. The days of sharing life experiences, thoughts, imaginativeness with the flow of words in shape of writings and write-ups seem so charming. Encouraging and getting encouraged and criticizing openheartedly and getting criticized with smiles and laughers are the essence of friendship growing stronger, I feel. … What else is left to ask for in the name of friendship apart from such true friendly feelings, uncorrupted and untouched by any ills and evils? After having oneself strung as a bead into the ever-growing string, if one is destined to feel lonely with no response from a friend, what could the feeling taste like to the fellow?…. Have you ever…..?  If some fellows are yearning to speak a lot, to share bouquets of joys ….  under the disguise of writing, creating, commenting, supporting, and so on, but they get pushed off, kept off the cheers by some shift in understanding, or lack of time or poor health or …. something else, undisclosed… , how could the fellows feel or forget the warmth of closeness? It is strange; no one knows in how many ways this fragile heart is to get used to aching? A range of aches we have been fated to taste silently!

Anyway, anyhow,… perhaps, that is how life has been gifted to us, isn’t it?

What else could be pronounced apart from the following few lines?

Smile back at friendship, dears!

Be devoid of SILENCE, nothing precious are you to be cost!

Be full of vigor with better health and say HELLO – we miss you the most!





She Broke It, But What??

Sequel – 2

Here is the next sequel to the first post. Let’s take it as a turning point. Something is to happen there, but WHAT is the matter of suspense, just to have a thrilling sensation! Hope this one will make you so curious to know what exactly there is after the turning!!



My heart felt Sinking; Mind Staggering with No Base.

Throat got Parched; tongue immobile; and Breath was Crawling like a Worm.

Eyes grew Too moist; Tears ready to run down the Face.

Horrible Trauma! I felt her Too close – the Calm before the Storm!


Suddenly, I Heard! She Broke it! My Fading Hope?

No doubt, she Did break and shatter it! But, What , our True Friendship?

She broke my Fragile heart? I can’t say ‘Yeah’ nor ‘Nope’.

Words I lack; feelings Tiding to eyes! Oh!! Shall I Laugh or Weep?

Break Your Silence, Please!!

Sequel – 1

This is the first  sequel to the first post Why You So Silent, Dear? The mysterious SILENCE was not broken till I composed this one. Please have the taste of this one, too, and let me know what it is like as compared to the first post!



Silence, next to Peace, so Precious – we Always Crave!

But, your Silence is suffocating my Soul, So Silently!!

‘Breaking my Hope, dear?’ I Always feel close to Grave!

If you are in Pains, dear, I wish you All my Joys Fervently!!


Breaking our Friendship, dear, or Hiding your Heart’s Burn?

Mistakes if on my Part; please do Shout at me and Curse me, Please!

My Feelings are True and wish Nothing in Return!

Don’t break my Heart, dear, but Break your Silence if you Have to, Please!!

Why You So Silent, Dear?


What you all friendly bloggers can feel the poem has is exactly Something that I have felt in someone’s mysterious silence and just made an attempt to let it flow out through some words. Well, I can’t CLAIM the feeling of such a kind is solely mine, and nobody else’s, since each of us has a throbbing heart to experience the waves of such a feeling. And, and, I can’t BLAME anyone for what I have felt and perhaps I am still feeling, since it is up to me how I feel someone’s SILENCE. To be frank, it is my problem! What I wish from you all is let me know how successful I have been in letting my feelings out in the form of the poem so that I will feel my journey ahead easier! Thank you, go ahead, please. 🙂


Life we are Destined for, how Awesome it is!

So Shocking and so Soothing, it has Always been to me!!

Now Rain now Sunshine, quite Unreadable it is!

Somewhere Crowds, Great Noise; somewhere Uneasy Silence, you see !!


So is our friendship, quite Amazing and Alarming.

Now we Shout, exchange hot words; now we turn so Soft like Muslin.

The moments of NO SILENCE were so Warm and Caring.

Now your Silence makes me feel …………….just thrown into a Dark Ravine.


Why, Why are you so SILENT so Long, Dear?

OH!!! I am So Sorry I have Just realized I cannot ask you WHYS!

Destined to miss you F-O-R-E-V-E-R, I Fear!

OK! Just let me cherish Loneliness in heart and Sadness in EYES!!