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Silence, She Broke It!!

Sequel – 3

Now it seems that the long-felt struggle between mind and heart has appeared in a logical shape. And, let me guide your curiosity to a happy end, what exactly there is after the turning; and, what exactly she broke was nothing but her long-maintained Mysterious Silence. Thank God! She broke it! After all, she has proved that she has a soft throbbing heart. She is soft-hearted, not stone-hearted, not heartless!!!

Let’s smile together, shall we?




Speechless, dumbfounded, I am in Joys, not in Pang!

May-be, she got Moved or changed her Mood, appeared on the Window!!

With big Screams, in Melodious Sound, her Heart she Sang!

Dying Hopes revived, Choking Soul back to Life, Fresh like Meadow!!


Thank God! Melted with my Plea, you started to Speak!

Now, I feel how Soothing your Speech is, and Chats with you, your Smiles!!

Now Gone all the Torture I bore Many a Week!

By God, dear, your Words ease my Tough Journey of Many More Miles!!


………………………………the Lonely Journey of Many Many More Miles!!!

………………………….the Struggleful Journey of Life of Thousands of Miles!!!!


Bye Dear!

Take Care!!


I will be back soon but I can’t promise when!

Hope you will at least try to remember me till then!!