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Hello, it is ME!

I may appear in front of you

But, for sure you won’t look at me, for you can’t see me.


I can sing my heart right into your ear.

Yet, you won’t listen to me, for you can’t hear me.


I may be resting against your throbbing heart.

Yet, you won’t feel me even there, for you don’t think about me.



It is me!

Just in front of you but you can’t see me, yet you can try to look at me!


It is me!

Just whispering into your ear but you can’t hear me, yet you can try to listen to me!


It is me!

Just next to your heart but you don’t think about me, yet you can try to feel me!


She Broke It, But What??

Sequel – 2

Here is the next sequel to the first post. Let’s take it as a turning point. Something is to happen there, but WHAT is the matter of suspense, just to have a thrilling sensation! Hope this one will make you so curious to know what exactly there is after the turning!!



My heart felt Sinking; Mind Staggering with No Base.

Throat got Parched; tongue immobile; and Breath was Crawling like a Worm.

Eyes grew Too moist; Tears ready to run down the Face.

Horrible Trauma! I felt her Too close – the Calm before the Storm!


Suddenly, I Heard! She Broke it! My Fading Hope?

No doubt, she Did break and shatter it! But, What , our True Friendship?

She broke my Fragile heart? I can’t say ‘Yeah’ nor ‘Nope’.

Words I lack; feelings Tiding to eyes! Oh!! Shall I Laugh or Weep?