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The Unforgettable Friday!

 “The Japan I Feel These Days – 1”

In simple words, it was a March Friday, a Spring Friday, a Good Friday. It was at 2:46 pm, on a Good Spring Friday people were supposed to be busy doing their jobs in full swing so as to have a Good Friday Celebration, moreover in spring- the king of seasons, the harbinger of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. Such a jovial environment- each and every fellow could have enjoyed in Japan, couldn’t they? But, to human surprise and shock, no-one had ever imagined how heartless the mother nature could turn and shatter and sweep away the sweet smiles on the lips, the great hopes in the hearts and the beautiful plans in the minds in a jiffy instead of showering motherly LOVE as a Special Spring Gift. Hence, the Friday next to doom’s day to the localities in Japan was UNFORGETTABLE. It was a HORRIBLE GOOD SPRING FRIDAY to the Japanese!

The Horrible Good Spring Friday

Spring rejuvenates

Lives tuneful in great delight

Good Friday echoes!

A horrible shift

Nature’s wrath over spring blooms!

Quakes with tsunami!!