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Eid: Some Words!

Eid: Some Words!


Salaam Waalekum!!
Good Morning!!!

To all of you!!!

Since Eid it is today,

Wish you a happy Monday!!

All those having faith in Islam,
Busy celebrating from ‘SHUBHAH’ to ‘SHAAM’!

Ishwor, God, Allah different names of the same Savior,
who has assigned all of us to shower love and great care!

To understand unity in diversity, we better look at the rainbows!
Different practices we may have, yet we are friends, not foes!!

Salaam Waalekum!
Good Morning!!

To all of you!!!!

They sound different, but hold the same sense!
All faiths are for humanity, so let it grow close and intense!!

Life to be rule-bound is a must to be a ruler,
Justice be intact, though life may be a great sufferer!

Don’t hope for snowfall along the equator and scorching sun in the Polar regions!
Religions are different, yet they uphold human welfare with spiritual visions!!

So, let’s celebrate and share love for our happy survivals!
Let me wish you all happy, healthy, human life at their arrivals!!

Good Morning!
Salaam Waalekum!!!

To all of you!!!


Note:   ‘SHUBAH’ (=morning) and ‘SHAAM’ (=evening) => Hindi/Urdu words

‘Namaskaar’ (=good morning /good afternoon /good evening) => Nepali/Hindi word

‘Salaam Waalekum’ (=good morning /good afternoon /good evening) => Urdu words