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Break Your Silence, Please!!

Sequel – 1

This is the first  sequel to the first post Why You So Silent, Dear? The mysterious SILENCE was not broken till I composed this one. Please have the taste of this one, too, and let me know what it is like as compared to the first post!



Silence, next to Peace, so Precious – we Always Crave!

But, your Silence is suffocating my Soul, So Silently!!

‘Breaking my Hope, dear?’ I Always feel close to Grave!

If you are in Pains, dear, I wish you All my Joys Fervently!!


Breaking our Friendship, dear, or Hiding your Heart’s Burn?

Mistakes if on my Part; please do Shout at me and Curse me, Please!

My Feelings are True and wish Nothing in Return!

Don’t break my Heart, dear, but Break your Silence if you Have to, Please!!