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That’s Why I am Handsome!

Attempting to get you to smile………………………..


A girl wanted to tease her boy friend gently and asked him smilingly, “Dear, would you let me know why are you so handsome?”

The boy could see through her intention and looked at her from bottom to top innocently and asked her respectfully to answer his simple question, so that he could answer her properly.

And, then he asked her “How have you been so beautiful?”

The girl felt teased on being asked so. She made up her mind to baffle him and answered, “I am so beautiful because I eat stale, overcooked food twice a day. I take milk when it turns sour and relish fruit when it smells bad.”

Then, the boy answered excitedly, “That is why I am handsome!”

The girl said, “What? You mean you also take such and such food?”

The boy said plainly, “No, of course not! I never take that, like you. So, I am handsome. If I took that way, I would have been beautiful like you, not handsome!”


Science Blessing or Curse?

Hello, Dear Readers!

Back again with my old feelings towards JAPAN, which I cornered for some days for the last two posts to appear as a change in taste. Although I prepared the post long before and there may not be such situations in Japan these days, yet I am hopeful the HAIKU still have something relevant, at least to make some space in the heart of HAIKU LOVERS, I mean, YOURS.

So, this is the continuance as:



Reactors in blasts

Rocking the hearts of future

Science blessing or curse?

Melt down alarms threats

Radioactive fall-out

Global help –  a must!