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Challenge or Lesson?


The fate realized, yet

Debris-search for better-half

Faith in daydreaming?

Catastrophic knocks

Scattered carnivals of moans

Challenge or lesson?

Nature Friend or Foe?


A realistic dream

Houses awash at high tides

Wecome, salty death!

Merciless crashes

Death toll of thousands at once

Nature friend or foe?

The Japan I Feel These Days!

Japan, the developed country of the RISING SUN, once devastatingly rocked during the WORLD WAR II by nuclear explosions, is now once again on the brink of  the horrible sufferings posed by radioactive leakage following the earthquake and the tsunami last month. What a callous ordeal set by nature!

So many hopes may have been shattered. So many parents may have lost their pieces of heart. So many children may have been deprived of parental love. So many people may have been homeless in their own hometown. Ah! How painful it is, isn’t it? 

Despite such blows of natural calamities, Japanese seem and sound not to have lost heart, but to have been bolder and more composed than ever before which I have felt on reading a piece of news about a Japanese woman holding her dead child in her arms and consoling others and encouraging them not to give up hopes for better safety. Wow! How calm and composed she was, wasn’t she?

Let’s pray to the Almighty for the eternal peace of the departed souls, and Pleasure, Peace and Prosperity of all the Japanese in the days to come!

In the same regard, as my personal tributes, I have already come up  with some poetic creations in a sequence that I will soon publish part-wise under the main title:

“The Japan I Feel These Days!”



This attempt of mine on the frame below is something once rippled  away from some unknown corner of my heart about four months ago. And, I am introducing it as a blog post so that you may have a look at it and let me know what exactly it is like to you.


I thought I was so brave, so bold, and so bold!
could I easily face;and,
in my heart, the oceans of pains and pangs I could smilingly hold!

But, in fact,
what I felt and found
my brave, bold heart started aching mildly!
some words had pierced into it unknowingly!
I didn’t take it otherwise,
Cos my wise mind had already assured me sympathetically!


This morning, I got up with unbearable pains in my left chest!
What I witnessed was
my mouth was agape, wordless and speechless;
my eyes were shedding the NILE
my mind,
all shocked, so still and totally thoughtless;
My soul appeared sobbing before me, and
let me know that
my heart had been irreparably wounded
by the piercing words that had pricked into it the day before;
and now,
my dear heart is losing courage, seems to be tending to be in eternal rest!!

Good heavens! Of late I’ve realized how tender is my heart!
Good gracious! Got shattered, oh, my lovely poor heart!!