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She Broke It, But What??

Sequel – 2

Here is the next sequel to the first post. Let’s take it as a turning point. Something is to happen there, but WHAT is the matter of suspense, just to have a thrilling sensation! Hope this one will make you so curious to know what exactly there is after the turning!!



My heart felt Sinking; Mind Staggering with No Base.

Throat got Parched; tongue immobile; and Breath was Crawling like a Worm.

Eyes grew Too moist; Tears ready to run down the Face.

Horrible Trauma! I felt her Too close – the Calm before the Storm!


Suddenly, I Heard! She Broke it! My Fading Hope?

No doubt, she Did break and shatter it! But, What , our True Friendship?

She broke my Fragile heart? I can’t say ‘Yeah’ nor ‘Nope’.

Words I lack; feelings Tiding to eyes! Oh!! Shall I Laugh or Weep?


Why You So Silent, Dear?


What you all friendly bloggers can feel the poem has is exactly Something that I have felt in someone’s mysterious silence and just made an attempt to let it flow out through some words. Well, I can’t CLAIM the feeling of such a kind is solely mine, and nobody else’s, since each of us has a throbbing heart to experience the waves of such a feeling. And, and, I can’t BLAME anyone for what I have felt and perhaps I am still feeling, since it is up to me how I feel someone’s SILENCE. To be frank, it is my problem! What I wish from you all is let me know how successful I have been in letting my feelings out in the form of the poem so that I will feel my journey ahead easier! Thank you, go ahead, please. 🙂


Life we are Destined for, how Awesome it is!

So Shocking and so Soothing, it has Always been to me!!

Now Rain now Sunshine, quite Unreadable it is!

Somewhere Crowds, Great Noise; somewhere Uneasy Silence, you see !!


So is our friendship, quite Amazing and Alarming.

Now we Shout, exchange hot words; now we turn so Soft like Muslin.

The moments of NO SILENCE were so Warm and Caring.

Now your Silence makes me feel …………….just thrown into a Dark Ravine.


Why, Why are you so SILENT so Long, Dear?

OH!!! I am So Sorry I have Just realized I cannot ask you WHYS!

Destined to miss you F-O-R-E-V-E-R, I Fear!

OK! Just let me cherish Loneliness in heart and Sadness in EYES!!