The rhythms of Heartbeats rippling across Mind

Hello, it is ME!

I may appear in front of you

But, for sure you won’t look at me, for you can’t see me.


I can sing my heart right into your ear.

Yet, you won’t listen to me, for you can’t hear me.


I may be resting against your throbbing heart.

Yet, you won’t feel me even there, for you don’t think about me.



It is me!

Just in front of you but you can’t see me, yet you can try to look at me!


It is me!

Just whispering into your ear but you can’t hear me, yet you can try to listen to me!


It is me!

Just next to your heart but you don’t think about me, yet you can try to feel me!


Comments on: "Hello, it is ME!" (8)

  1. Since you are my friend, you are close to my heart. And yes, I don’t know everything in your heart, but I try to understand your feelings and keep from hurting what is in your heart. And since we are all humans, we will hurt each other hopefully hardly ever, but when it comes, with true friendship, it brushes it off and forgets and moves on, after learning and growing that much closer. But guess what? Right there in the middle of that hurt, the two have learned something more of each other, and grown as friends! So i may not feel all your yearning feelings, but the more I learn of you, the more i will understand your needs, dislikes, wants, likes, privacy, etc. and will become a better friend to you…hopefully! I do think about you and how i can change to be a better friend and make your heart happier. A friend’s heart means a lot to a friend. When theirs hurts, yours hurts, when theirs is happy, yours is too, when theirs is frustrated or mad, you just want to fix it quick for them. TRUE friendship is a special bond that hopefully will continue to grow with time and is unbreakable.
    Beautiful Poem, my friend Suresh! Very well written, and I enjoyed reading many of the other posts this AM too. Thank you so much for sharing waving feeling from your heart. We are so blessed to hear you honesty from such deep feelings. You are mightily talented!!

    • Dear Lynne,
      There is a saying “God’s mill grinds slow but sure”. Similarly, perhaps, it is the first chance that I have been granted to reply to your comment on this blog, yet you are the first to shower my post with 253 yellow roses in the form of invaluable special friendly comment words finding, feeling, analyzing and explaining TRUE FRIENDSHIP, and expressing your own heart-touching words on it. Let’s do some work of numerology. The total words in your comment =253. And, adding this way 2+5+3=10, again adding the digits 1+0=1. Wow! It means you stand friend NO. 1 from each angle! Well, it is just a fun. All my friends are equal and at the same level and in the same place, in my heart. In fact, I lack proper words and the effective way how to express what exactly I have in my heart. To be concise, there dwells high respect, selfless love, good wishes, smiles and holy feelings in my heart that is always ready to share forgiveness if there happen some slips.
      Thank you so much for such precious words of friendly feelings.

  2. Extremely thoughtful 🙂 ,expressed emotions.. liked you poem ..keep writing !!

  3. I really admire the way you put your heart in your words…each word is a beat of heart ..we can feel that ! The emotions you evoke in your reader is unmatchable…hmm great ! 🙂

  4. Hello Suresh,
    Though the above written poem is simply your imagination, but i really respect the feelings that are trying to hide behind these words.

    There are times in life, when we feel extremely lonely, and then, we start irritating God by praying Him to send someone who could give us some “Honest company”, with his/her love and care. But we human have a very bad habit neglecting the things which we already have. God is so wise that he always sends someone to us, so that we’ll never get alone, but since we were expecting something very different, so we keep on neglecting the people, who are already in our life! They may be our parents, family members or friends. We always ask for somthing more, without caring the beautiful things, which we are already blessed with!

    These were my thoughts, when i read this post, and i don’t felt like hiding them from my friend. Hence I expressed it Suresh!
    Very nice piece of work! keep going friend! 🙂

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