The rhythms of Heartbeats rippling across Mind

Haiku: Hope Not!

Hope Not!

Nothing lasts for ever
Enjoy what is in your reach
Hope for nothing, dear!
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Comments on: "Haiku: Hope Not!" (10)

  1. That’s right! What we have are just temporal. So, enjoy whatever we have. Nice Haiku! :)

    • Yes, Balqis! As you discovered numerologically, it is attitude that extends the life of anything to the extent of our desire, whereas everything we possess has certain limited life! :)

  2. hope for ‘nothing’ coz ‘nothing’ lasts for ever :) deep meaning haiku..very nice !

  3. hmm no expectation frm ny 1…. m very optimistic :O

    • Yes! I am trying to understand the Geeta’s words! As I have read and felt, if you hope for something you will get sad in some way on not getting hope fulfilled. If you hope for nothing, and just enjoy whatever you have been offered, you will have peace in your heart. Keep doing your duty without hoping for any fruit as said in the Geeta, something amazing that you may not have hoped for will come true in your life, Geeta. Wow, two Geetas! What a coincidence!! :D

  4. shahin kazi said:

    Meaningful haiku…Hope is the root cause of all woes, but at the same time it is the LIFELINE too…

  5. Wow! This is so lovely haiku! I love it..!

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