The rhythms of Heartbeats rippling across Mind


Hi, hmmm…No! Not ‘Hi’, but ‘Hello’…Hello friend…no- no… FRIENDS!

Hello friends!

I am dead sure you are exhausted, tired, sick of being served with HAIKU after HAIKU, moreover of the same taste in an impatient-making CHAIN on destruction and only destruction. I realized long ago you wanna change, but my going single-minded proved me a great pauper, lacking newness. So, giving a break to the lethargic HAIKU-CHAIN, and inserting something, but….  What? Just something, some words of my personal feelings on friends and friendship. Wanna go ahead? :)

Let, let me first ask you about you?

Hello! How are the days rolling ahead?

Hope you are all so fine. Would you like to know about me? Yeah?

Me…  Just so-so!  :)  Just as you left me after the last “Hello, Hi”.

Well, some change has of course occurred, but, but I can’t understand how I could exactly express how exactly I am now! The exactness has gone unreachable to my words or I have been unable to manage the words.

Yeah! The words, they are unmanageable at times, untypical they turn, so confusing! Confused whether they are teaching me something new or mocking!!

Unable to select, to make a right choice for….. .

Anyway, it doesn’t matter and nor does it pain so much as when feelings fail us.

It is not words that govern us but feelings, intense ones, which have always made us feel empty of words. Some things, no-no, MANY MORE things! They get entrapped with their originalities!! Words… too helpless to help us…going random, cos there fails the governance of mind overshadowed by the emotions, the feelings, SHAPELESS or of COUNTLESS SHAPES changing instantly, welling UP and UP, out of heart spilling in all the directions, uncontrollably just as jubilant school kids running wild out of the school compound, the tiring imprisonment in discipline, rules and regulations. So, there occur some natural slips and skids with words. Thoughts get derailed, injuring the hearts! Anyway, in some corner of the heart, the friend’s heart, there feels some warmth,..  some flickering lamp of hope,…. some light at the end of tunnel…. I still feel…..

Friendship!….  Yeah, in the beginning it feels quite new, a new comer in search of some comfort in a rowdy place of celebration,…. in a hub of new faces. Later on, the acquaintance grows wider and deeper, and the feelings of care and concern are naturally shared, cos they surface spontaneously. That is the way friendship, as it grows older, gets linked with closeness. The days of sharing life experiences, thoughts, imaginativeness with the flow of words in shape of writings and write-ups seem so charming. Encouraging and getting encouraged and criticizing openheartedly and getting criticized with smiles and laughers are the essence of friendship growing stronger, I feel. … What else is left to ask for in the name of friendship apart from such true friendly feelings, uncorrupted and untouched by any ills and evils? After having oneself strung as a bead into the ever-growing string, if one is destined to feel lonely with no response from a friend, what could the feeling taste like to the fellow?…. Have you ever…..?  If some fellows are yearning to speak a lot, to share bouquets of joys ….  under the disguise of writing, creating, commenting, supporting, and so on, but they get pushed off, kept off the cheers by some shift in understanding, or lack of time or poor health or …. something else, undisclosed… , how could the fellows feel or forget the warmth of closeness? It is strange; no one knows in how many ways this fragile heart is to get used to aching? A range of aches we have been fated to taste silently!

Anyway, anyhow,… perhaps, that is how life has been gifted to us, isn’t it?

What else could be pronounced apart from the following few lines?

Smile back at friendship, dears!

Be devoid of SILENCE, nothing precious are you to be cost!

Be full of vigor with better health and say HELLO – we miss you the most!





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Comments on: "Self-search!" (8)

  1. wow!!!! you have expressed your feelings in a beautiful way…but I felt the emotional pain of sadness , Fear , worry , confusion ..why so?

    • Thanks for your insightful remark! Perhaps, we need to have the emotions as you have mentioned above, so that we can realize how precious happiness, friendship,… are. Anyway, I am happy enough to smile at and to share some words with friends. Look! I am smiling, aren’t I? :)

  2. Suresh, this post is well-expressed with words that come right from your heart. I’m quite speechless to say more. It’s so motivating to say “Smile back at the friendship, Be devoid of silence and be full of vigor for better health.” Thank you, Suresh, I’m doing that. :):):)

    • Thank you, Balqis! I am just trying to let out what is waving across the heart and at the same time I feel worried whether I would make any unpardonable slips with words. Anyway, I feel comfortable thinking that I don’t have any ill feelings in the name of friendship and my sensible friends would not take any possible SLIPS otherwise but help correct them with good support!.

  3. wow ! hmm…sometimes strong feelings are too hard to express in words…right? :) but you’ve managed and expressed it so well ! I too feel the same..most of the time :)

    be devoid of silence…hmm, silence speaks and its beautiful ! :)

    let me tell you suresh, atleast I’m not exhausted, tired or sick of being served with HAIKU after HAIKU…so pls serve more ! :D

    Thank you so much for sharing your feelings with us…afterall sharing is caring..right? :)

    have a great time !

    • Yes, Kitty, feelings overshadow wordy expressions. It is so ENCOURAGING and SOOTHING to hear that you have a GREAT appetite for HAIKU. But, mind you! The last HAIKU I served here are all about destruction and pains. So, I thought they might have DESTROYED the readers’ jolly moods and caused terrible PAINS in their mind. I feared if I had turned them SILENT and SICK by offering such destructive and pain-causing literary dishes! Anyway, I have felt that you have a unique way of tasting! And, SHARING is CARING! You are absolutely right. I will keep sharing all the feelings whether sweet or sour, OK?
      Thanks a lot!!! :)

  4. there are times, when pages n pages of written words fail to express simple feelings….and sometimes…even one word can express your deepest thoughts!!!!!!!

    you have successsfully expressed ur feelings through words! very beautiful piece of work…. And more thing friend…..when felings are expressed, no matter how they were presented….as you write haiku……the readers can always spot out a newness in every similarly presented patterns!!!!!

    • I agree to the point, Aakriti! The friendship between words and feelings is terrific! So glad to learn that you can explore some newness hidden on the old patterns. That’s great! Thank you so much!!

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