The rhythms of Heartbeats rippling across Mind

Nature Friend or Foe?


A realistic dream

Houses awash at high tides

Wecome, salty death!

Merciless crashes

Death toll of thousands at once

Nature friend or foe?

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Comments on: "Nature Friend or Foe?" (6)

  1. Use of the words ‘salty death’ said it all..felt like stabbing right in the feel when your verses ended as ‘Nature’s friend or foe?’…Beautiful, I like each version that you write..waiting to see more and hope all is getting back to normal there!

    P.S I am contesting for Indiblogger-Yahoo-Dove ‘what real beauty means to you’ blogging contest. Can you read my post at and if you like it, ‘LIKE’ it on Facebook or ‘Tweet’ it or even sign up with Indiblogger to promote my post? The instructions to sign up with Indiblogger are given at the end of my post itself. Hoping to see you there! If you are on Indiblogger, you already know what to do!!

    • Thank you, Fiducia! In fact, I was offline for some days. From yesterday I am just trying to be in touch with all the fellows and well-wishers.
      It’s wonderful that you are participating in the contest. I will be there to support you.
      Best of Act! :)

  2. Nature is a friend when we see breath-taking beauty around us. There is a calming sensation. It’s a great feeling!

    When nature’s outrageous, it is a foe! And especially when it causes death. Humans are so tiny to fight the mighty force of disaster caused by nature.

    A nice post. :)

    • Yes, we are too fragile to face the Almighty’s rage. And, it is a big lesson He teaches us. We must accept it and check where we have made a blunder against His will.
      Thank you, Balqis, for your subtle words. :)

  3. Nature uses human imagination to lift her work of creation to even higher levels …:) I believe , we should understand and value nature ….and ..we really need to understand ecosystems..and stop playing with nature :) ..God bless Japan

    • You are a hundred per cent right, Geeta. Nature is the greatest teacher. She always tries to teach us how to be eco-friendly and not to forget LIVE AND LET LIVE.

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